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Insurance in Spain

House Insurance

Insuring your new home in Spain couldn't be easier with Casitas. As in the UK it is always advisable to insure your house and contents, however your insurance premiums will generally be much cheaper than in the UK.

Whether you are purchasing a house with Casitas or you are already a home owner in Spain, the Casitas team will be happy to arrange a competitive insurance quote with a well known Spanish Insurance company. This will cover you house and contents as well as public liability up to 150.000€ ( this is standard practice with Spanish insurance companies)

For those who are in the process of purchasing with Casitas, we will arrange for a quotation to be sent to us in the week leading up to your completion. Once you have signed the insurance paperwork your new house will be insured from the day you sign at the notary. If you are taking out a mortgage the bank will normally provide house and contents insurance for the first year, thereafter we are happy to arrange a competitive quote for you.

For clients who are looking to change insurance companies, the process is very much the same - once the insurance company has all the paperwork and details of the payment method you will be covered.

Car Insurance

Everybody knows how important it is to have car insurance, but did you know the advantages of insuring you vehicle here in Spain?

Insurance in Spain Unlike in the UK, when you insure a car here in Spain it is the vehicle that you are insuring, not just the driver(s). What difference does that make, you ask. Well firstly it means that anyone is insured to drive your car - so if you own a home here in Spain, you can leave your car for your family and friends to drive while they are here. This is particularly good news for younger drivers (under 26 years of age) whose insurance premiums would normally be very high. Here in Spain it is quite commonplace for parents to insure their son/daughter's car until they reach the age of 26.

Last, but by no means least, car insurance premiums are generally less expensive here than in the UK - it's as simple as that.

(* Policies may vary between insurance companies, age restrictions and other conditions may apply, always read the small print.)

Health Insurance

Health care is an important concern for those relocating to a foreign country. Fortunately for those of you moving to Spain, there is an excellent network of both private and public facilities, hospitals, clinics, etc.

Private Health Insurance works in much the same way as BUPA does in the UK. Some companies will require you to undergo a medical examination * before they will accept a new policy, while others only require you to fill out a simple questionnaire.

SANITAS (part of the BUPA group), ASSISA, ADESLASA and ASSA, are just some of the many companies which have a network of clinics and medical practitioners at their disposal. The level of cover that you and your family will receive depends on what type of policy you take out. For example, most companies will offer a dental package for an additional supplement.

Whenever you seek medical attention, be sure to always show the medical card provided by your insurance company. That way you can make sure that your policy covers the cost of your treatment.

Let us know what your requirements are and we will be happy to prepare you a proposal.

(* Subject to age and conditions, always read the small print.)

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